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We Share is VELUX platform for sharing marketing and communication activities and tools.
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Terms and conditions of use

All materials in the We Share are copyright protected.
Limitations of use may apply for some markets and/or use could be targeted to certain communication areas.
Therefore please read the warnings and copyright information on each record carefully.
The materials are available for download and use in print and online publications for promotion of the VELUX brand and products only.
Downloading content from We Share requires acceptance of the terms and conditions of use.
We Share users may only use material from We Share in their collaboration with VELUX.
Materials may not be submitted to a third party in any format.
The user is solely responsible for all publishing of the material.

How to use this help site

This page contains information about We Share and a Q&A section with specific instruction on how to perform tasks in We Share e.g. how to ad content.
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Contact and Login


For help and questions not answered on this page, you can always create a ticket in
Service Portal, Or find us on Yammer at We Share News [Internals only]


All VELUX employees can log in to the We Share by clicking the ”VELUX login” button. External users require a login as well. To get it they have to contact their VELUX connector who can request the access by sending and email to the Service Portal.

In this section you will find help and guidance on how to search for content on We Share.

Free text search

The free text search field in the middle of the header allows you to search all content on the site and get fast results. You can then narrow your search in the categories menu on the left.
Free text search can also be refined using boolean operators. Boolean operators are individual symbols which each affect the search operation, depending on how they are applied. The following boolean operators can be used on We Share:

  • Two or more terms entered are combined with AND (e.g. GGL AND GDL).

  • Terms separated with two pipes (||) are combined with OR (e.g. GGL || GGE).

  • Searching with an empty search field finds all records matching the current filters.

  • Prepending a term with a minus symbol (-) searches for records that don't contain the term (e.g. GGL - GGE).

  • Terms enclosed in double quotation marks (" ") are handled as one single search term (phrase search)(e.g. "Yellow staircase").

Category search

If you already know which type of content you are looking for (photos, tools, activities...), drill down the predefined category hierarchy under the "VELUX We Share" section beneath the VELUX logo. You can see the snail trail of your drill down above the search results. If you hold the cursor over a category in the snail trail you can see all options at this level and chose one.

Filter search

We Share offers numerous ways of refining a search under the "Refine your search" section under the VELUX logo. This is done by filtering by specific parameters, e.g. only show me images that are portrait format and that are in black and white. In this example, three filters are used. All active filters are shown above the search results.

Related search

On the information page of any asset it is possible to find related content just by clicking “Relations”. If there are no related assets it is also possible to search for it by clicking on one of the keywords in the keywords section.

The four different search techniques can be combined to refine a search result. Archived material can only be found and searched for by first clicking on the Archive button on the home page.

Q & A

In the following tabs you can find commonly asked questions.
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A: All VELUX employees with a VELUX login automatically have access to We Share. Simply enter your login and password to gain access. If you are a VELUX employee but don’t have a login, please create a ticket in Service Portal.

A: External access can be granted to suppliers collaborating on the development of communication material (photographers, advertising agencies, etc.). The supplier’s VELUX contact person must request access on their behalf by writing to Service Portal. Even though the external partners are given access, they can not see it all. They are allowed to see the components (photos, illustrations, logos), films and case studies, but not our marketing documents, InDesign files and Activities. Note: For reasons of confidentiality, customer groups should not be given access to the whole We Share collection. If a sales company wishes to give such groups access to some of the content in We Share, then it is proposed to create a local catalogue for a sub-set of content targeted at these groups and to link to it from e.g. a sales company website. Such micro sites can be set up so that they do not require a log-in, are in the local language and can be administered at sales company level. For more information, please contact Service Portal.

A: Users with access to We Share can upload, download, print and e-mail content in We Share. Users can also adjust, publish and archive their own content.

A: The content a user can see depends on the permissions settings on individual pieces of content in We Share. Some content may be available for all users while other content may only be viewable for a restricted set of users. It is the responsibility of the content owner to decide who can see their content.

A: Yes. By using the collection basket functionality, a user can collect content and send a link to the basket to anyone with an e-mail address. The e-mail contains a link to the basket so that the recipient can view, study and download the content in the basket. The sender can also set security for the link e.g. a password, an expiration date, restrictions on download, file format, etc. Note: The collection basket is totally separated from We Share and the recipient of the collection basket cannot link to We Share from the collection basket.


A: The owner of content in We Share is the department that financed the development or procurement of the content. They are responsible for ensuring quality, assessing availability of the content and financing any ongoing costs e.g. renewing copyright.

A: We Share is intended for storage and distribution of finalised marketing and communication content for commercial and non-commercial target groups. On a general level, there are the following types of content in We Share:

  • Activities - collections of tools aimed at addressing a specific marketing or communication challenge e.g. an image campaign, a product launch toolbox, etc.
  • Case studies - a presentation of a building case including photos, technical drawings, etc.
  • Tools - specific marketing and communication materials e.g. brochures, billboards, website content, videos, displays, documents, reports, etc.
  • Components - elements that can be used in tools e.g. photos and illustrations.
  • A: Just about all file formats can be stored in We Share (Note: For videos, only MP4 file formats can be previewed in We Share). There are no limitations on file quality. For print files, please upload a low resolution PDF. If you wish to offer any production files for download such as InDesign files, please create a ticket in Service Portal.

    A: Content is archived by the owner when it is no longer applicable. This could be because a newer solution has been made available, if the product depicted is no longer sold, etc.

    Training and support

    A: We Share is owned by Digital Assets and Product Information. Steen Fleck is responsible for support, technical operations and development of the platform.

    A: Steen Fleck owns the development roadmap for We Share so all requests for improvements must be sent to Steen Fleck.

    A: Digital Assets and Product Information and Accenture are responsible for ensuring that We Share is up and running. If you experience any technical issues with We Share, please create a ticket in Service Portal.

    A: Digital Assets and Product Information is responsible for offering user support. Under "Help" you can find information on how to use We Share. If you require additional assistance to use We Share, you can always create a ticket in Service Portal.

    Content requirements according to the brand

    A: Content owners are responsible for ensuring that their content is in accordance with The VELUX Brand Guide which are the guidelines for VELUX communication. If you have questions about the Brand Guide please send them to the Yammer group “Brand Helpdesk”.

    A: The VELUX Brand Guide can be found at https://brandguide.velux.com/
    A link is also listed in the quick links at the top of this help site.

    A: No.


    Preview and study

    Search results can be viewed either as thumbnails or as a list. There are numerous ways to adjust your view incl. changing the size and number of thumbnails on a page, by sorting the results by record name, date, etc.


    All content can be downloaded with the exception of an activity and content hosted elsewhere - e.g. digital tools (websites, etc.). You must choose a specific download format and accept the terms and conditions for use of We Share material. You can also edit the content before downloading it (crop, adjust resolution, etc.). The download is prepared 'behind the scenes'. You can follow the process at the top right hand corner of the We Share browser window. Once the material is prepared, you can download it by clicking on "Start download".


    All content can be printed with the exception of digital content (websites, etc.). To print several files, first add them to a collection basket. Then you can print all content in the basket in one go. You must choose a specific print-out format - full size, thumbnail, etc. You can see a preview of how the printout will look. Once you have chosen a format, the printout file is prepared 'behind the scenes'. You can follow the process at the top right hand corner of the We Share browser window. Once the material is prepared, you click on "Start download". You will then be able to open the file so that you can print it out.


    If you want to e-mail We Share content you need to add it to a collection basket. Then you can send the collection basket to the persons e-mail address. A collection basket can contain many items. The e-mail contains a link to the collection basket which is opened in a browser window. The person can only see the specific items in the collection basket and cannot link from the basket to other items in We Share. You can send a collection basket to anyone even if they don't have access to We Share. You also have the opportunity to put security settings on the basket e.g. expiry date for the link or a password.

    Collection baskets

    A collection basket enables you to collect a number of items from We Share. You can then send the collection as an e-mail, download or print the collection. You can create multiple collection baskets. You can also use the collection basket functionality simply to group items that you like e.g. "My favourite roller shutter images".

    See video tutorials on collections or Userguides about collection basket for indepth explanation

    Under development

    Automatic cropping, focus point, renditions

    Download Section

    In this section you can find and download documents for legal and technical purposes in conjunction to uploading assets to We Share

    Technical standards

    The technical specifications can be used to give to your photographer. It contains the requirements and recommendations for photos and films.

    Standard contracts

    The Standard Photo Agreement template can be used as your starting point for purchase of photographs case by case in various situations, from various suppliers and on various conditions. The main contract is with unlimited rights, but attached is also a contract with limited rights.

    If any assistance is needed in connection with these standard contracts, please contact your local legal adviser or the VKR legal department.