About We Share

We Share is owned by VELUX Group. We Share is VELUX platform for sharing marketing and communication activities, tools and components.

Access for external communication agencies

If you are not a VELUX employee wishing to access We Share, please contact your VELUX contact to request access.

If you are a VELUX employee who wants to give access to We Share for your external communication agency partner, please send a request to the email address below and state the name, agency name and email address of your partner.

The guidance and education of the user lies solely with the requester (VELUX employee) - so does the overall responsibility that the material used, is in accordance with the copyrights and rules given by VELUX. Also consider if the partner is a trusted partner, since the material given access to could be sensitive.


If you have comments or queries about We Share, please send them to weshare.support@velux.com.